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Nguyên Liệu Màu UP
(UP colorant)

    Hồ Sơ Sản Phẩm:

      APEXLON® GC-COLOR is a  high grade UP Colorant (Unsaturated Polyester Colorant) series that developed by KLS. The color cell is dispersed in the special carrier. When it is utilized, it is easy to be dispersed in the resin and forms also the reliable even color. Therefore to use GC-COLOR is able to have the unique beautiful color.

    Mã Số Sản Phẩm:

 GC-2303 PINK    GC-0533 BLACK  
 GC-2308 RED    GC-8136 GRAY  
 GC-2320 RED    GC-9622 WHITE  
 GC-2123 RED    GC-1151 BROWN  
 GC-3164 ORANGE    GC-7891 VIOLET  
 GC-4606 YELLOW    GC-7890 PURPLE  
 GC-5165 GREEN    GC-6146 BLUE  
 GC-5901 GREEN    GC-6816 BLUE  

Chng Nhận Chât Lượng:

Chng Nhận


  GC-9622, GC-0533 EN71 heavy metal test
  GC-2308, GC-4606 EN71 heavy metal test
  GC-5901 EN71 heavy metal test
  GC-6146 EN71 heavy metal test