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Nguyên Liệu Màu Epoxy
(Epoxy colorant)

    Hồ Sơ Sản Phẩm:

      APEXLON® EP-COLOR, one of excellent product series of KLS Corporation (www.kls.com.tw). It is a high grade colorant series for various Epoxy resins, such as casting epoxy, coating epoxy, and epoxy adhesive etc. Contact us to learn more about the applications of EP-COLOR!

Mã Số Sản Phẩm:

 EP-2162 PINK    EP-0057 BLACK
 EP-2303 RED    EP-8136 GRAY
 EP-2225 RED    EP-9604 WHITE
 EP-2123 RED  EP-1151 BROWN
 EP-3164 ORANGE  EP-7848 VIOLET  
 EP-4990 YELLOW  EP-7156 VIOLET  
 EP-5188 GREEN    EP-6146 BLUE
 EP-5902 GREEN    EP-6019 BLUE

Chng Nhận Chât Lượng:

Chng Nhận


  EP-0057 EN71 heavy metal test
  EP-2225 EN71 heavy metal test
  EP-9604 EN71 heavy metal test